Behavior Management (Reduction Program)

Our Behavior Management Plan has been designed to identify and eliminate problem behaviors in children.

At Children's Center For Development & Behavior, we provide interventions to facilitate the reduction or removal of challenging and socially unacceptable behavior in young children. Examples include aggressive and self-injurious behavior, hyperactivity, separation issues and other general conduct problems that become barriers to inclusion in social and family settings.

Our skilled clinicians provide therapies for reduction of feeding disorders, ticks and obsessive-compulsive behavior.

STEP 1: Initial Visit
(1 hour meeting with the clinician, family and child)

The process begins with a consultation between clinicial and the parent(s) or caretaker. The child must also be present for the intake process.

A formal parent interview is conducted to gather pertinent information relevant to accurately assess the situation and identify/isolate the problem. The clinician will proceed with a formal analysis of the child’s behaviors. This will help isolate and identify the conditions that are responsible for these behaviors. A behavior management program including a Plan of action will be provided the first visit.

STEP 2: Implementation + Follow-up
(meeting with the clinician, familys and child)

Parents are given 24 hour phone access for support, additional visits in our center, at schools, home and community settings are conducted as needed. Follow up visits can involve additional parent/teacher training or direct intervention with your child.


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